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Spotlight on Carrier Resource for the Controlled Substances/Alcohol BASIC

The Safety Management Cycle (SMC) is a useful tool for identifying and addressing safety and compliance issues. In the spotlight this week is the SMC for the Controlled Substances/Alcohol Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Category (BASIC). This resource suggests actions in each of the six operational areas that carriers can take to work towards reducing or eliminating violations by creating or improving their safety management controls.

The SMC for the Controlled Substances/Alcohol BASIC includes recommendations such as establishing written policies and procedures that promote, verify, and enforce adherence to all controlled substance and alcohol rules and regulations. Another action a carrier may want to take is conveying expectations to all applicable staff for adhering to controlled substance and alcohol regulations and to company policies and procedures. 

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Driver Shortage or Pay Shortage?

driver training csa dot compliance san diego

Driver shortage? Pay shortage? Or, maybe gas and oil prices are the cause of the transportation industry’s woes!

Driver shortage or pay shortage? I’m voting pay shortage. You all know the debate: the media constantly reports that the transportation industry is suffering from a driver shortage; we know the truth. There are plenty of drivers, but exactly how does the transportation industry expect us to make a living on low wages? Particularly with the economy in a meltdown and gasoline and oil prices so ridiculously high? There are plenty of drivers; we just can’t afford to drive our trucks!

No Respect!

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43% of Large Carriers Use EOBRs In All Trucks

San diego dot csa compliance inside truck cabThe debate rages on over the use of Electronic OnBoard Recorders in trucks nationwide. Some drivers don’t mind them, others are vehemently against them, the ATA has voiced their support, and OOIDA stands firmly in opposition.

According to a survey from trucking acquisition firm Transport Capital Partners, in February of 2013, 35% of fleets surveyed said that they use EOBRs or electronic logs in all of their trucks. Compare that to May of 2012 when that was true of only 25%.

It’s worth noting that the survey was conducted about fleets, not individual drivers, so these numbers may not accurately reflect the number of individual trucks with electronic logs. In fact, that number may be even higher.

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Scam Alert! Fake Traffic Tickets Cost Hundreds!

Oregon State Police logo california csa complianceA scam based out of Oregon is looking to defraud truckers of big money. Drivers have been receiving automated calls urging them to pay unpaid traffic tickets with reloadable debit cards or face the consequences.

The caller, identifying himself as “Alex James Murphy with the Oregon State Police” tells drivers that a bench warrant has been issued on an unpaid speeding ticket.

According to the message, the ticket needs to be paid in order to “avoid further legal action.” To pay the ticket, the driver has to purchase a reloadable debit card through MoneyPak, place $ 154 on the card, and then call another phone number to provide the card information over the phone. Needless to say, if the driver does all that, they’ll find out that there never was an unpaid speeding ticket, and that the $ 154 is long gone.

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Werner Enterprises Operation Freedom Truck Wins Technology Award

Werner Enterprises tractor & trailer csa compliance

Werner Enterprises (WERN) Operation Freedom truck received the “Most Technologically Advanced Cab” award at the Mid-America Trucking Show March 21-23 in Louisville, Ky. The military themed Operation Freedom truck was one of 79 trucks in the competition and won the award due to its advanced technological equipment.

“At Werner, we are proud to be known as a technological leader. It’s important that we continue to push the envelope, testing new products and strategies, so that our drivers are equipped with the best technologies available,” stated Steve Phillips, senior vice president of operations for Werner Enterprises. “The investments we make in our fleet are consistent with our dedication to the safety of our drivers and the safety of the motoring public.”

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Runaway risk might be driving away your profits. Time to put the brakes on.


Hauling more cargo is one way to increase your top line. But when it comes to protecting your bottom line, you need to worry about efficiencies, expense and risk. When these are under control, you’ll get a boost in your profits.

As experts in helping transportation companies reduce risk and save money, Gamiño & Associates and Wood Gutmann & Bogart Insurance Brokers have banded together to form a new alliance.

This is truly good news for the transportation industry. Our combined expertise will enable us to improve your risk management plan and implement strategies to save you money.

The risk management professionals at Wood Gutmann & Bogart will review your current program, make recommendations and offer insights on the current state of the insurance industry. We’ll then dive into an analytics of your claims and loss exposure, and develop plans to improve performance.  Our expertise also enables us to better evaluate carrier offerings and performance. 

Our team of loss control advocates will work on your behalf with Gamiño & Associates, a full service third party administrator of DOT drug and alcohol testing and FCRA compliant background screening programs. Gamiño can also sharpen your written safety procedures and protocols, with all the experience of a true insider. (Prior to forming Gamiño & Associates, Henry Gamiño was the president of CDTA for 13 years.)

In addition to providing you with an initial risk management assessment and plan, should you choose to hire us as your business partner, we’ll allocate a percentage of brokerage revenue to:

  • Ongoing risk services (loss control strategies and claims advocacy)
  • Human resources consulting
  • Cost offset for expenses associated with drug testing and background screening
  • Safety incentives

We would appreciate the opportunity to learn more about your operations, goals for the future, and impact of the economy and regulatory requirements on your business. Please let us know if you are interested in pursuing alternatives and services that will reduce your overall cost of risk and improve operations.

We’ve attached a copy of our transportation brochure. Please let us know if anything we can do to help. Happy to just talk shop.

Thank you,

Henry Gamiño and Chris Mitchell

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ATA HOS Update – Oral Argument Held

Today, a three judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit heard oral arguments in ATA’s (and Public Citizen’s) challenge to the hours of service rules.  As you know, ATA challenged the rulemaking as arbitrary and capricious because the agency’s decisions contradicted the evidence it relied on.  However, the judges were fairly restrained in their questioning of both ATA and the government’s counsel about details of FMCSA’s justifications for the rule.  The limited number of questions posed by the judges mainly focused on whether Public Citizen had standing to bring their challenge and whether Public Citizen had waived some of its arguments. 

 We are a bit disappointed that more questions were not directed to the government’s attorney to explain the unjustifiable and unreasonable assumptions that underpinned the rulemaking. 

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Study Shows Danger Of Sleepers

Do you drive team? Do you ride along with your spouse or vice-versa? According to a recent study done by the University of Kentucky’s College of Public Health, passengers riding in the sleeper-berth are at significant risk of injury and death when they don’t use their safety restraints. In fact, non-use of occupant restraints is the primary reason that sleeper-berth occupants are injured or killed in a severe crash.

The study was headed by Dr. Terry Bunn, director of the Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center. Bunn said that the study reviewed 708 semi-truck collisions where there was a passenger in the sleeper who was either injured or killed.

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MO to Raise $8 Billion For Transportation Without Tolls or Fuel Tax

A Missouri House committee just voted to advance an effort to raise about $ 8 billion over the course of the next decade specifically for road and bridge repairs and maintenance. Now, I know what you’re thinking; that $ 8 billion has got to come from somewhere, and more than likely it’ll come from new and increased tolls.Turns out that not only will the money not be coming from new tolls, but the proposed resolution actually prohibits adding tolls to Interstates 70 and 44. Maybe it’ll be more fuel taxes or a dreaded mileage tax? Nope, this transportation work is going to be funded by a one-cent general sales tax.

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Police Ride Shotgun With Truckers To Nab Aggressive Drivers

Truckers and highway patrol officers usually aren’t the best of friends. In a move orchestrated by the Washington State Patrol however, they’re starting to see eye to eye on a few issues. Members of the WSP have been riding along with truckers in an effort to crack down of aggressive drivers. The enforcement program, Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks (TACT), has been raising awareness about the dangers of driving aggressively around commercial motor vehicles.

Dan Coon, public information officer for the state patrol explained how the program works.A trooper sits in the cab with the driver where he can observe dangerous behavior from cars or even other trucks. He then calls it in to another trooper who is shadowing the truck to pull over the offending motorist.

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