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Amendment 64: Are drug-free businesses actually required to have drug tests?

Denver Capital building

Since Colorado voted to legalize recreational use of marijuana, there have been concerns about contradictions that now exist between state and federal laws — including a contentious debate about workplace regulation. One Denver CEO told us that legal pot will make it hard for him to hire people, because he has to maintain a drug-free environment. But an A64 backer tells us that many employers are misguided — and that businesses don’t have to do drug testing.

Last week Jeffrey Popiel, president and CEO of a Denver-based company called Geotech, which manufactures and sells environmental equipment, told us that his biggest concern with the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol measure is that he’ll have to turn away candidates for jobs, because even though state law says they can now smoke, it doesn’t change policies at his company.

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Finger prints can now show drug use

Intelligent Fingerprinting, a spin-out company from the University of East Anglia, has been awarded £425,000 by the Biomedical Catalyst – a programme run by the Medical Research Council and the Technology Strategy Board to accelerate innovative health-care products.

Intelligent Fingerprinting has developed drug screening technology to analyse the sweat in a fingerprint to reveal the recent drug-use history of an individual.

It provides results in 10 minutes using a portable hand-held device.  

A £135,000 award will fund a project in partnership with the University of Leicester to research the feasibility of using this technology for drug screening A&E patients on admission to hospital.

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DOT’s Mock Collection Video

logo of US DOT

ODAPC is pleased to announce the release of the DOT’s Mock Collection video.  This video can be viewed and/or downloaded from our web site at

This video is intended for use by those who administer collection sites and by those who evaluate collection activities on behalf of transportation employers.  It provides viewers an opportunity to learn the steps necessary to have collectors conduct mock urine collections. Collection site supervisors and administrators will have an additional tool to help them learn if their collectors are appropriately following the DOT collection requirements and to take appropriate measures to correct identified concerns.

Please consider using this video as part of your training efforts.  We encourage you to email the video link to DOT regulated employers and to those who administer collection sites.

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Best Practices for Random Drug and Alcohol Testing (DOT)

 What’s the best tool employers have for deterring drug and alcohol use in the workplace?

Random Testing. And, here are just a few of the reasons why:

  • Saves lives and prevents injuries.
  • Helps employers identify workers with substance abuse issues and facilitate their treatment.
  • Allows employees to easily say no to illegal drug use. “No, thanks. They drug test at work.”
  • Reduces employer liability.
  • It is a fair way of testing.

The purpose of this publication is to help DOT covered employers and service agents in implementing and evaluating their own random testing programs. While DOT regulations serve as a mandatory minimum and do not prevent additional practices that serve the effectiveness of a testing program, don’t forget that some DOT covered employers may also have extra requirements from industry specific regulations.

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State worker drug-testing bill passes Florida House, advances in Senate

State workers would have to agree to and submit to random, suspicionless drug tests under a measure approved Friday along party lines by the GOP-dominated Florida House and on its way to the Senate floor.

The bill, a priority of Gov. Rick Scott’s, would allow state agencies to order the tests of up to 10 percent of workers four times a year. Agency heads would have to use the money already in their budgets to cover the costs of the tests for the state’s 114,000 workforce.

The House passed the bill (HB 1205) on a 79-37 vote in the morning, and an identical version (SB 1359) cleared the Senate Budget Committee with a 12-6 vote in the afternoon.

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