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Interstate Van Lines Honored for 2012 Fleet Safety

Interstate Van Lines of Springfield, Va., has again been named the winner of an annual Fleet Safety award by the American Moving & Storage Association. For the third consecutive year, the company has received the honor in the category for fleets with a total annual mileage of under five million miles during 2012.

AMSA presents a series of fleet safety awards to recognize carriers demonstrating the best overall safety performance during the year in categories based on mileage.

Other 2012 winners include United Van Lines (over 50 million miles category) for the second consecutive year, Graebel Van Lines (20 million to 50 million miles and Fleet Safety Improvement Award), New World Van Lines (five to 20 million miles) for a fifth year in a row, and Fry-Wagner Moving & Storage (intrastate) for the second straight year.

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CVSA Offers 2013 Out-of-Service Criteria Handbook

cvsa logo san diego csa complianceThe 2013 edition of the North American Standard Out-of-Service Criteria Handbook and Pictorial is now available for order from the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA).

The guide book outlines the Critical Vehicle Inspection Items used by roadside inspectors. It also details violations that can place a driver out-of-service. The book helps commercial vehicle inspectors identify when a commercial motor vehicle can no longer be safety operated for fear of causing an accident or breakdown due to its mechanical condition.

The guidebook makes a good maintenance resource for fleets and owner-operators as well, providing clues on out-of-service conditions to watch for during PM inspections.

As a safety and compliance resource, it also provides list of driver OOS violations as well as hazardous materials transportation violations.

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Driving Tired? FMCSA Publishes New Sleep Study Results

It’s safe to say that we don’t know much about sleep. For all the studies that have been done, what we know about sleep can be summed up with just one phrase: We need it. All the rest of what we “know” is conjecture; a collection of quasi-educated guesses. Do we need 8 hours of sleep as some people say, or should we sleep in 3 hour REM cycle increments? Is it better to sleep for exactly the same amount of time every night, or should you only sleep as much as you feel you need for that particular night?

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ZoomSafer Introduces Safe DialTM Technology to Help FMCSA-Regulated Fleet Operators Enforce Cell Phone Use Policies

ZoomSafer announced today a new release of its patented FleetSafer® Mobile safe driving software that is the first and only distracted driving solution to fully foster compliance with the new (FMCSA) guidelines on hand-held mobile phone use while driving a commercial vehicle. In November 2011, the FMCSA and Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) handed down a new joint rule prohibiting interstate truck and bus drivers from using hand-held mobile phones while driving, with significant civil and financial penalties attached for both individuals and motor carriers.

“This latest enhancement to our FleetSafer Mobile safe driving software provides corporate fleet operators with a simple, affordable way to promote safe, legal and FMCSA-compliant use of mobile phones while driving.”

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