DOT Background Screening

DOT Tailored Background Screening Solutions

Employment Solutions closely tailored for today’s transportation industry! Our understanding of the transportation industry has helped us mold a Background Screening services for today’s challenging Federal and State regulatory environments.

Our Background screening packages are created specifically to your business and regulatory needs. Our screening solutions are an efficient and affordable way for your company to minimize your exposure and liability.

Delivery and State of Art system Just For You

Just like your company, we focus on delivery of service! Our state of the art web based application allows you to have access to your ordering system and results 24/7.

SwiftHire is our background screening tool that allows applicants to initiate the screening process by submitting their own information online. By means of SwiftHire you will save time and improve efficiency by having the applicant enter their personal data directly into your ordering system.

Features that make SwiftHire truly revolutionary:

  • Built right into your ordering module
  • Allows your applicants to enter their information themselves online, tracks and reports the progress, and sends automatic reminders
  • Gives you the power to create a review step for all submissions, or have the system convert submissions directly into screening requests
  • Allows you to customize the email invitations, instructions, and reminder emails

VeroHire is an integrated Applicant Tracking System which provides your company with online job applications, a career center, and automated notifications. You can post jobs, manage applicants, and send applicants through the screening process without re-keying information. All of this technology is available to you at no additional cost!

Background Screening Searches

Screening Solutions To Help Reduce Risk And Liability

  • County Criminal Search
  • Super Instant Criminal
  • National Government Terrorist Watch list
  • Social Security Number Trace/ Validation
  • Motor Vehicle Report
  • Name & Address History Search
  • State Criminal Search
  • Federal Criminal History
  • DOT/Non DOT Employment Verification
  • Education Verification
  • Military Verification
  • Professional License & Certification Verification
  • Yearly Employee Re-screening
  • Workers compensation Search
  • I-9 / Employment Eligibility Verification

Background Screening Descriptions

County Criminal History
As one of the most accurate sources for uncovering criminal records, county criminal searches return information from the courthouse records in which the conviction is recorded. If a felony or misdemeanor charge exists for an individual, a county criminal search is where the record is most likely to be filed. Our network of field agents physically research over 1,200 courthouse jurisdictions in the more than 3,300 county courthouses across the United States. County criminal searches go back a minimum of 7 years based on where the applicant has lived or worked (using names provided by the applicant or developed from other sources), and include felonies and misdemeanors where applicable.

Super Instant Criminal
National Criminal File is our proprietary database allowing you to extend the reach of your criminal records search. Super Instant contains over 300 million criminal records from a comprehensive list of sources including county court records, state repositories, Department of Corrections (DOC), Administration of the Court (AOC), state sex offender registries, government and terrorist watch lists, and more. To maintain FCRA and State compliance, all “hits” are validated at the source with identity verification and final disposition status. The Super Instant search is made available as an individual search item or as part of a complete screening package within our screening platform

Sex Offender Registries (SOR)
We will search our national records and a specific state’s live repository based on the individual’s applicant history. We have access to the best SOR data in the industry, with coverage of information from sources in 49 states, including Washington DC, Guam, and Puerto Rico, with photos in all. Details in the report include: identifiers, registered addresses, aliases, case numbers, charge(s), conviction details, and period of incarceration.

National Government & Terrorist Watch lists
National security and terrorist watch lists include information about individuals and corporations linked to terrorism or terrorist activity. Also included are those that have been debarred, denied, sanctioned, or are listed on exclusion, most wanted, fugitive lists, and more. Key sources included: OFAC’s Specially Designated Nationals List, FDA’s Debarment List, OIG’s Exclusion List, OCC’s Enforcement Actions List, GSA’s Excluded Parties List, and lists published by the FBI and the DEA, among others. Age of records varies by contributing agency, and sources are updated as provided.

Social Security Number Validation
Our Social Security Number Validation runs inquiries against the Social Security Administration (SSA) format information to determine the validity, year and state of issuance, and any irregularities that may exist.

Credit Reports
We can prepare a consumer credit report based on an individual’s name, Social Security Number, and residential address, essential in evaluating an individual’s sense of financial responsibility. We will provide all names and addresses associated with the SSN, and will include information on the highest credit extended, past due amounts, credit limits, average monthly payment information, balances, and percentage of available credit. A summary of public records is also provided and may include civil suits, judgments, bankruptcies, tax liens, and collection amounts. This screening is especially useful for positions in the financial, insurance, and retail industries.

Motor Vehicle Records (MVR)
We provide both commercial (CDL) and non-commercial (Non-CDL) driving records in all 50 states including DC, providing instant results in 44 States. A Motor Vehicle Record history for the state in which the individual holds a license is necessary for those who drive company vehicles or for those who drive their own vehicles on company business. States differ in the information provided, but the average history available is for three to seven years (some court fees may apply).

Name & Address History Search
Rather than limiting research to just those names and addresses provided within a trace report from a credit bureau, we will run an individual’s SSN against a national database that includes information provided by the credit header, as well as hundreds of other sources, such as public records, phone records, etc. The result is our Name and Address History Report that details all available names and addresses associated with the SSN. This information is then used to develop possible names and addresses not provided on the application on which additional criminal history searches can be conducted.

State Criminal History
A statewide search will yield information for all counties in a given state. While all counties report to the state level, there can be instances where a conviction has been recorded at the county level, but not elevated to the state level. In those instances, you can decide to conduct a county or multi-county criminal history search.

Federal Criminal History
A federal criminal search is conducted by searching US District Court Catalogs in much the same way as a county criminal history. Crimes reported in a federal criminal record include only those offenses that are federally prosecuted (violations of federal law as enforced by the FBI, DEA, ATF) as opposed to local and state law. Federal violations will generally not appear in either a county or statewide criminal check, and offenses can include kidnapping, drug trafficking, interstate transportation of stolen goods, bank robbery, and embezzlement.

DOT and NON DOT Employment Verification
The strength of our employment verification programs is our DOT compliant employment verification process; we have created a process that allows you to show due diligence when audited. We check previous employers’ records and conducts interviews with past Safety Directors/ Human Resources to obtain a comprehensive evaluation of work history and safety capabilities. Information obtained via interview includes, but is not limited to, dates of employment, job position, reason for leaving, and eligibility for rehire. We can provide you a standard question base or work with you to customize a specific question set to use in the interview process.

Education Verification
We will contact the educational institution to confirm an individual’s education, to include dates of attendance, degree(s) and/or credential(s) received, and if any honors were attached to the degree.

Military Verification
On your organization’s behalf, we will send a written request to the NPRC (National Personnel Records Center) Record Maintenance Facility requesting an official copy of an individual’s DD214 to verify military record (including military branch and dates of service).

Professional License & Certification Verification
Based on the information provided by the applicant, we can contact the appropriate state agencies and verify the type of certification, issuing state or agency, and date of issuance and expiration if applicable, as well as comments, honors, or actions related to the certification.

Yearly Employee Re-Screen (The Never Ending Background Check)
Once a year will screen your current employees through our Super Instant National Criminal File to ensure they have no new records. This service can only be performed on current employees who have been screened through Super Instant previously. In the event there is a new “hit” found on the employee, we will conduct a jurisdiction validation to ensure the record does belong to the individual and to comply with FCRA and other regulatory guidelines. You are only charged for any applicable pass thru fees associated with a “hit” validation. The Never Ending Background Check helps our clients monitor ongoing developments, keeping their workforce safe from criminal activity.

Workers’ Compensation Incidents
 A Workers’ Compensation history check allows you to determine whether an applicant has a previous record of filing workers’ compensation claims, and can indicate specific injuries that may hamper them from performing certain activities on the job. We will research a state’s repository for information (where available) to include name, date, and types of injury. In addition, many states also provide additional information ranging from the case/claim number to specific insurance information including name of insurance carrier and payment methods.

I-9 Verifications
We  offers both the paperless I-9 form engine and federal E-Verify program integration to instantly verify work authorization status.

Employment Eligibility Verification
We can provide clients with an automated system for performing a check of two government databases to confirm a newly hired employee’s eligibility to work in the United States. Using information from the form I-9 to run the automated searches, our EEV solution provides clients with Verification or Request Resolution information electronically, making the entire process compliant, organized and completely paperless

Standard Packages and A La Carte Searches

Nationwide Criminal Package

  • Unlimited county criminal search in all counties in and out of state where the applicant has lived based upon addresses from the SSN trace for the last 7 years

DOT Compliance Package

  • Social Security trace
  • Up to 3 County Criminals
  • Up to 3 DOT extended employment verifications
  • Motor Vehicle Report
  • National Criminal Access file search including 50 state sex offender
    registry search

Progressive DOT Compliance Package

  • National Criminal Package
  • DOT Compliance Package

Yearly Background Review

  • National Criminal Access file search including 50 state sex offender registry search
  • Global Watch list includes OFAC and Terrorist Watch list
  • SSN Trace

A La Carte

  • SSN Trace
  • Credit Check
  • County Civil Search (price is per county)
  • Motor Vehicle Report (price plus state fees)
  • Extended Employment Verification (price plus applicable fees)
  • Education Verification (price plus applicable fees)
  • County Criminal search* (price is per county)
  • Federal Criminal search (price is per federal court)
  • State Criminal search* (price plus applicable fees)
  • Worker’s Compensation Search
  • National Criminal Access File, including sex offender registry search
  • Global Watch list includes OFAC and Terrorist Watch list

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