What form must an employer use to report MIS data to a DOT agency?

As an employer, when you are required to report MIS data to a DOT agency, you must use the form and instructions at appendix H to part 40. You must submit the MIS report in accordance with rule requirements (e.g., dates for submission; selection of companies required to submit, and method of reporting) established by the DOT agency regulating your operation. [68 FR 43952, July 25, 2003]

Your MIS report can be provided by AADT upon request. Should you choose to complete it on your own, you have also been provided with a form in the DOT Regulations Appendix H to Part 40 of section five in your AADT Company Compliance Manual should you choose to complete it on your own. At one time, AADT mailed the MIS report automatically each year but we found that many times it was misplaced, never received, thrown away, etc. Therefore, under these circumstances, the best solution is to generate the reports upon request. Legally, if you are going to have a Carrier Inspection, the CHP and the DOT are required to give you at least 48 hours or two business days to get this information. So, it is important that you tell us immediately when you are notified so that we can provide all the needed documentation for your inspection relating to drug and alcohol testing.
In our compliance manual and on our website, we provide helpful hints to prepare for your Carrier Inspection. See “Form G” under the “What to Do” section for details. Please note that even though you may use a TPA/Consortium as an administrator for your drug & alcohol testing program, the ultimate responsibility lies with you, the motor carrier company or owner/operator motor carrier; the “employer” is ultimately responsible for compliance!

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