43% of Large Carriers Use EOBRs In All Trucks

San diego dot csa compliance inside truck cabThe debate rages on over the use of Electronic OnBoard Recorders in trucks nationwide. Some drivers don’t mind them, others are vehemently against them, the ATA has voiced their support, and OOIDA stands firmly in opposition.

According to a survey from trucking acquisition firm Transport Capital Partners, in February of 2013, 35% of fleets surveyed said that they use EOBRs or electronic logs in all of their trucks. Compare that to May of 2012 when that was true of only 25%.

It’s worth noting that the survey was conducted about fleets, not individual drivers, so these numbers may not accurately reflect the number of individual trucks with electronic logs. In fact, that number may be even higher.

The survey also said 43% of large carriers have fully implemented EOBRs into every one of their trucks. Large carriers make up such a large percentage of the trucks on the road, but 71% of small carriers said that they were not using them at all, so it’s tough to even guess at how many trucks might carry them.

As a sign that most fleets are at least curious about what the benefits actually end up being, nearly 70% of all fleets said that they were at least testing out EOBRs to see if they wanted to use them with the rest of their fleet.

Whether you’re for or against EOBRs, one thing’s for sure: They’re coming, and they’re coming fast.


Source: overdriveonline



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