Deadly Carrier Takes Advantage of the System

The FMCSA and is reportedly hard at work trying to crack down on chameleon carriers who resurrect themselves as a new company under a new name after their doors are closed for being an imminent safety hazard. Their program is still under development, so this shady practice is still at large, but before the FMCSA has even had the chance to deal with this threat, another similar situation has turned up that is potentially even more dangerous.

On November 12th, a fatal wreck occurred involving a truck owned by Two Dayes Transport. When the FMCSA went to investigate the carrier, they found something unusual. Two Dayes Transport had exactly the same address, vehicles, employees, and drivers as another company called Two Dayes Trucking. The only difference was that Two Dayes Trucking had been shut down by the FMCSA for disregarding safety regulations… that, and the fact that Two Dayes Transport was never legally allowed to run freight.


It seems like crooked company owners have found a way around having to start new companies every time their old one gets shut down; don’t bother pretending to set up a new company, just keep running freight illegally. Since the company is operating outside of the law, they don’t have to pay any attention to rules that might result in their licenses getting revoked… because they don’t have them to begin with! The FMCSA has stated that not only were the trucks unsafe, but that there was no record of any maintenance work being done on any vehicle, ever.

“Two Dayes Transport and Two Dayes Trucking are currently operating commercial motor vehicles in knowing, substantial and flagrant disregard of the Federal requirements on vehicle maintenance and repair, drivers’ hours of service, qualification of drivers, and controlled substances and alcohol use,” the out-of-service order reads. “Individually and cumulatively, these violations and conditions of operation substantially increase the likelihood of serious injury or death to Two Dayes Transport and Two Dayes Trucking drivers and to the motoring public.”

Officials from the FMCSA have made the usual trumpeting about putting an unsafe carrier out of business, but they’ve said it all before about the same company. As the rules stand, company owners aren’t in any risk of criminal charges, even if they knowingly send unsafe drivers and equipment out onto the road and “substantially increase the likelihood of serious injury or death to… drivers and to the motoring public.”

Source: fleetowner, landline

Image Source: infotruck

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