Driver Braves Flames To Save Trucks From Inferno

Lots of drivers feel undervalued at their companies, but here’s a guy who’s sure to get a nice bonus at the end of the year. You may be a safe driver, but would you risk your life by jumping into a burning vehicle to save it and other trucks parked in a company lot? Well that’s exactly what Lance Corbett did.

According to authorities, a truck belonging to Joel Olson Trucking, Inc burst into flames at their Longview, WA location. It was sitting in the yard next to a long line of other parked trucks. The fire immediately spread to the truck next to it. That’s when Corbett jumped into the drivers’ seat of the second truck and pulled it forward so that the fire wouldn’t spread to the other trucks nearby.


When asked why he climbed in to the truck, Corbett replied that he figured that he probably had enough time to move the truck before the fire reached the diesel tank and turned the truck into a fire ball. The burnt husk of the first truck offers a chilling reminder of what might have happened to Corbett had his calculations been off.

Firefighters couldn’t save the first truck that caught fire, but their help and Corbett’s quick actions limited the losses to one truck destroyed and two with only minor damage. The cause of the fire is still unclear since the truck that started the fire had been sitting untouched in the lot for a day and a half.

Daring heroics may earn Lance Corbett the gratitude of his company, but remember that when a truck catches fire, you should get yourself and everyone else a safe distance away and notify authorities as soon as possible.

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