Driver Harassment: Drivers Won’t Be Allowed To Testify In Court

It seems that the sexual harassment suits against CRST Van Expedited just never end. They lose, then contest and win, more suits are brought… it just goes on and on.

The latest development in the newest long-running driver harassment case against CRST Van Expedited is that the 15 drivers who were being called as witnesses won’t be allowed to testify. So the 15 women who came forward to speak out that their driver trainers had sexually harassed them are now being told that they are not allowed to speak not only by the company that allegedly refused to respond to their complaints, but also now by the court that’s trying the case.


The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission who is representing the plaintiff, Monika Starke, had planned to call the 15 women to provide testimony about how the company failed to provide a workplace free of sexual harassment. The decision to not allow them to speak was made because according to the judge, their testimony might cause “unfair prejudice and confusion of the issues,” and because the drivers didn’t have the same trainer or dispatcher as the plaintiff. This is basically the same as saying “yes, they were sexually harassed, but they weren’t sexually harassed by the same man… so it doesn’t count.”

It seems that if a company has a history of employing trainers and dispatchers who exhibit this behavior, this might be some information that should be heard in court. The information alone doesn’t prove that Monika Starke was sexually harassed, but it does give some very good context and show the sort of atmosphere that she was surrounded by.

Source: thetrucker, landline


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