Feds Raid Trucking Company For Forcing Drivers To Falsify Logbooks

Federal agents raided a trucking company in Mt. Crawford, VA on February 12th on charges of forcing drivers to falsify logbooks. Unfortunately, this sort of thing happens all the time, but for it to be happening to such a degree that there’s a raid by federal agents really says something.

The raid was the result of an investigation that has been ongoing since 2006 and came about when workers reported that their supervisors forced them to lie about their hours in order to get paid. Agents said that no less than seven witnesses complained about having to falsify records.

Sometimes they would keep a log for the duration of their trip and then at the end of their routes they would get checked by a supervisor. If their books showed any hour overages, they were made to destroy them and fill out new ones with false information.


One driver reported driving from Knoxville, TN, to Dallas, TX, a trip that should take around 13 hours depending on traffic. He said that when he couldn’t do it in less than 11, management made him lie about the hours worked.

The only thing shocking about this news is the degree to which it was happening. The supervisors and owners are either incredibly stupid or complete scumbags, but what about the drivers? These could the guys who are running over hours, driving tired, and giving other drivers a bad name. But, these could also be the guys who couldn’t get another job and need to keep their heads down and do what they’re told in order to bring home enough money to put food on the table.

There will always be drivers who don’t know better, or who are desperate enough to look the other way. The question is: How can we prevent situations like this from happening?

 Source: fleetowner



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