Internet Truckstop Helps Members Navigate New CARB Regulation

CARB regulations internet truckstopInternet Truckstop has rolled out a new decision support tool to help members transition into new regulations, now in effect, from the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

The new CARB regulation just went into effect on Jan. 1, and requires every carrier driving on California roads to comply with the rules, or face hefty fines. While the weight of the regulations primarily fall on carriers, brokers and shippers will face penalties if they fail to ensure they are contracting with compliant carriers.

Internet Truckstop offers companies looking for trucks a quick sort function to find compliant carriers, saving time when searching for trucks to move freight on California roads.

Internet Truckstops is also offering a four-week CARB webinar series begining on Wednesday, Jan. 9, with a different hour-long webinar being offered each Wednesday starting at 12:30 p.m. MST.

For more information on Internet Truckstops free CARB webinars visit the ITS Business Development Webinar Series page. Headline News

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