Military Town In Georgia Is Latest To Ban Trucks

The economy is very slowly getting back on its feet. Freight tonnage is up and consumer spending is on the rise. The clothes, gadgets, cars, fuel, even the homes they live in only show up if trucks are allowed to deliver them.  But it seems that people have forgotten the old saying: “If you bought it, a truck brought it.” Some people somehow don’t see the necessity of trucks and are just seeing them as a nuisance, so they ban them entirely.

The latest city in the series of communities to issue a ban on trucks is Warner Robins, GA. While their population is only around 69,000, this is not some small community in the middle of nowhere; they’re just outside of Robins Air Force Base, which is the largest industrial complex in the State of Georgia.

As you might imagine, a whole lot of freight has got to move through the town to get to the base, but the community decided to adopt a city-wide ban on parking trucks in any public space for over 2 hours. After he was prompted in an interview with Fox 24, a Warner Robins Councilman said that it was because tractor-trailers parked in parking lots have become an “eyesore and a nuisance.”

Before the vote happened, OOIDA published a statement to all members asking them to stop by the City Council meeting to let their voices be heard. According to OOIDA’s publication, Landline, several nearby drivers showed up, including Marilyn Smith. Smith said that she wasn’t able to speak to the council members before the vote, but that after the meeting, she tried to speak with them.

“I told them that there are thousands of trucks doing business around Warner Robins and that truck stop where they suggest all of these drivers park can hold about 100 of them,” Smith said.

It’s clear that the city council doesn’t care where trucks park, just so long as it isn’t in their town. One councilman suggested parking near the on and off ramps for highways along the city limits, a place where local truckers said there are clear “no parking” signs preventing exactly that.

“Obviously, America moves by trucks. Everything we wear, own, eat is moved by truck.” said OOIDA Executive Vice President Todd Spencer. “It’s really a sad statement of the lack of awareness that supposed city officials have about the importance of trucks. City officials should know that they can’t have businesses and a population without trucks to provide them with the goods they need.”

 Source: landline, landline


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