MO to Raise $8 Billion For Transportation Without Tolls or Fuel Tax

A Missouri House committee just voted to advance an effort to raise about $ 8 billion over the course of the next decade specifically for road and bridge repairs and maintenance. Now, I know what you’re thinking; that $ 8 billion has got to come from somewhere, and more than likely it’ll come from new and increased tolls.Turns out that not only will the money not be coming from new tolls, but the proposed resolution actually prohibits adding tolls to Interstates 70 and 44. Maybe it’ll be more fuel taxes or a dreaded mileage tax? Nope, this transportation work is going to be funded by a one-cent general sales tax.

A state’s own citizens will be paying for improvements to that state’s infrastructure? What a novel idea!

House Joint Resolution 23 is estimated to raise $ 7.9 Billion dollars in new revenue during the next decade. Supporters of the resolution say that the tax would allow the state to maintain safe and reliable transportation infrastructure well into the future, bringing with it the new homes and businesses that usually follow well-kept roads.

In addition to adding the sales tax and removing the option to toll I-70 and I-44, the resolution would prohibit charging highway users to drive on existing roadways and would also prohibit state lawmakers from increasing the state’s fuel tax without voter approval.

If the resolution is approved by lawmakers, it would then go to a public vote initially and then again every 10 years for renewal. With the politicians being so surprisingly sensible, we now have to hope that Missouri citizens don’t shy away from a $ .01 general sales tax increase.

Source: landline

Image Source: ruralmissouri


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