Runaway risk might be driving away your profits. Time to put the brakes on.


Hauling more cargo is one way to increase your top line. But when it comes to protecting your bottom line, you need to worry about efficiencies, expense and risk. When these are under control, you’ll get a boost in your profits.

As experts in helping transportation companies reduce risk and save money, Gamiño & Associates and Wood Gutmann & Bogart Insurance Brokers have banded together to form a new alliance.

This is truly good news for the transportation industry. Our combined expertise will enable us to improve your risk management plan and implement strategies to save you money.

The risk management professionals at Wood Gutmann & Bogart will review your current program, make recommendations and offer insights on the current state of the insurance industry. We’ll then dive into an analytics of your claims and loss exposure, and develop plans to improve performance.  Our expertise also enables us to better evaluate carrier offerings and performance. 

Our team of loss control advocates will work on your behalf with Gamiño & Associates, a full service third party administrator of DOT drug and alcohol testing and FCRA compliant background screening programs. Gamiño can also sharpen your written safety procedures and protocols, with all the experience of a true insider. (Prior to forming Gamiño & Associates, Henry Gamiño was the president of CDTA for 13 years.)

In addition to providing you with an initial risk management assessment and plan, should you choose to hire us as your business partner, we’ll allocate a percentage of brokerage revenue to:

  • Ongoing risk services (loss control strategies and claims advocacy)
  • Human resources consulting
  • Cost offset for expenses associated with drug testing and background screening
  • Safety incentives

We would appreciate the opportunity to learn more about your operations, goals for the future, and impact of the economy and regulatory requirements on your business. Please let us know if you are interested in pursuing alternatives and services that will reduce your overall cost of risk and improve operations.

We’ve attached a copy of our transportation brochure. Please let us know if anything we can do to help. Happy to just talk shop.

Thank you,

Henry Gamiño and Chris Mitchell

Contact us at:                                                  

Henry Gamiño                                                                                 Chris Mitchell
President and CEO                                                                              Managing Director,
Gamiño and Associates Inc.                                                               Risk Management Division
Phone: 619-334-2145                                                                         Wood Gutmann & Bogart
                                                                                                                Direct: 714-824-8301 Email Henry                                                                                      Email Chris

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