Trucking Company Owner Accused of Stealing Trailers


The Trucking Industry can be tough. The tough working conditions have always bred animosity between drivers and company owners. Company owners may seem like thieves in suits, but trust me guys, they’re really not! They’re working hard, making an honest living just like you! Honest!

Okay… well… maybe not all of them.

Bradley Blackshear, owner of Q&B Trucking based out of Macon, GA was arrested after it was discovered that he had stolen 21 box trailers and sold them to a local recycling company. Bibb Country Sheriff’s office reported that parts of other previous trailers were also found on the property, and that four other Sheriff’s offices were interested in speaking to him about stolen trailers.

But before we go off and denounce all company owners as crooks and liars, consider this: trailers were stolen from five different counties, and there are already 21 stolen trailers tied to Blackshear with many more probably still to come. Does this sound like something that a company owner could have done on his own? Something tells me that since the investigation is still going on, we’re likely to see a few more arrests. And I wouldn’t be surprised if a few drivers ended up sharing his cell.

Source: Fleetowner, Landline

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