Upcoming Decision on California Meal and Rest Period Law

Seal of the Supreme Court of California

Seal of the Supreme Court of California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tomorrow (Thursday, April 12th) at 10:00 a.m., the California Supreme Court will release its long-awaited decision in the case of BRINKER RESTAURANT v. S.C. (HOHNBAUM). This decision will have major ramifications for California trucking companies regarding state Meal and Rest Period Law.

What does it mean for an employer to “provide” a meal period? That is one of the main questions for the trucking industry being addressed in the Brinker decision. Do you need to force drivers to pull over and take a meal period when they are on the road? Or would a written/verbal notification of their right to take a meal period be sufficient?

CTA will hold a conference call on Monday, April 16th at 9:30 a.m. (Details to follow in the coming days). Trucking industry legal experts will discuss what the Court’s opinion means for California trucking companies. This special conference call is a benefit to CTA members only.

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