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Get Ready: HOS Changes Will Go Through As Planned

The FMCSA is sticking to its guns; the HOS changes will go into effect on July 1st despite the widespread outcry against it. The ATA has been the driving force behind the opposition, with an ongoing court case between the FMCSA and the ATA as the proverbial battleground for the issue.

In an attempt to push off the HOS changes so that a court would have enough time to (hopefully) rule in their favor, the ATA sent a letter asking for the compliance date to be pushed back to three months after the court ruling. The goal, according to Bill Graves, president of the ATA, is to prevent any unnecessary training which will be rendered useless when the ruling is overturned.

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Truckers’ 4th Amendment Rights Preserved: CVSA Repeals Out-Of-Service Fatigue Criteria Changes


The Commercial Vehicle Safety Administration’s Out of Service criteriais a document every patrol officer and driver should be intimately familiar with. Of particular note is the section on Fatigue. It currently states “When so fatigued that the driver of a commercial motor vehicle should not continue the trip based on reasonable, articulable suspicion… Declare the driver out-of service until no longer fatigued.”

Until April 1st, that used to read “…based on reasonable doubt.”  This legal hurdle of “beyond a reasonable doubt” is the foundation for our courts in America. That one little phrase is the difference between a free society of the people, for the people, and a police state where no evidence is needed to prove guilt.

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Upcoming Changes for CDL Holders Already Causing Some Problems

A truck training on a CDL range

Regulations for commercial motor vehicle drivers are changing in regard to medical cards. The rules remain the same as to which drivers need a federal medical certificate (Fed Med card) while operating a commercial vehicle, but drivers will now have to provide an up-to-date copy of this card to the DMV when they obtain it.

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FMCSA Plans Changes in Pre-Employment Screening Data

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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is planning to make some changes in its handling of data in the Pre-Employment Screening Program.

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ATA Calls on FMCSA to Make Needed Changes to CSA System

American Trucking Associations President and CEO Bill Graves today reiterated ATA’s support of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Compliance Safety Accountability motor carrier oversight program while calling on FMCSA to address a list of flaws in the system.
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