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FMCSA Shuts Down Carrier For Withholding Safety Records

In July, a ruling was passed that would allow the FMCSA to revoke a carrier’s operating authority based not on their poor safety record, but on a lack of cooperation with authorities. For the first time ever, the FMCSA has shut down a company for refusing to allow access to their records.

After the Fung Wah company, a Boston-based passenger carrier, had their busses placed out of service, the company briefly leased new vehicles, but were shut down entirely on Tuesday after they wouldn’t produce safety records requested by the FMCSA.

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FMCSA: CSA Data “Not Perfect”

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration held a two day symposium this week where members of the advisory committee were asked to give feedback on the Administration’s CSA program. On Monday and Tuesday, motor carriers, law enforcement, trade associations, brokers, and other industry members were give their chance to voice their opinions. Needless to say, it was two days of almost unanimous frustration.

Many issues were brought up with many different aspects of the CSA; things like how certain aspects of a company’s BASIC score should be weighted differently from others. The main issue that was discussed was the quality of the data the CSA was using and therefore the accuracy of their ratings.

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Driving Tired? FMCSA Publishes New Sleep Study Results

It’s safe to say that we don’t know much about sleep. For all the studies that have been done, what we know about sleep can be summed up with just one phrase: We need it. All the rest of what we “know” is conjecture; a collection of quasi-educated guesses. Do we need 8 hours of sleep as some people say, or should we sleep in 3 hour REM cycle increments? Is it better to sleep for exactly the same amount of time every night, or should you only sleep as much as you feel you need for that particular night?

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