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FMCSA Posts Penalties for Taking Household Goods Hostage

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Household goods movers who hold shipments for hostage will face stiff penalties under a new federal policy.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration yesterday posted notice that the penalty for hostage-holding is a $10,000 civil fine, per violation, plus possible suspension from one to three years.

The penalties can be applied to either the carrier or broker, the agency said.

The agency defines hostage-taking as knowingly and willfully failing to deliver or unload a household goods shipment for which charges have been estimated and payment has been tendered.

Payment is tendered when a shipper pays all of the charges in a binding estimate or 110% of the charges in a non-binding estimate, the agency said. There is a third circumstance, as well: when a prorated percentage of a partial delivery has been paid.
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FMCSA Posts New HOS Examples

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has posted a new document on its website illustrating 20 logbook examples under the new hours of service rules that were published Dec. 27. Most of the new rules are scheduled to go into effect in July 2013, but a new definition of off-duty time and a definition of egregious violations went into effect yesterday.
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