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Scam Alert! Fake Traffic Tickets Cost Hundreds!

Oregon State Police logo california csa complianceA scam based out of Oregon is looking to defraud truckers of big money. Drivers have been receiving automated calls urging them to pay unpaid traffic tickets with reloadable debit cards or face the consequences.

The caller, identifying himself as “Alex James Murphy with the Oregon State Police” tells drivers that a bench warrant has been issued on an unpaid speeding ticket.

According to the message, the ticket needs to be paid in order to “avoid further legal action.” To pay the ticket, the driver has to purchase a reloadable debit card through MoneyPak, place $ 154 on the card, and then call another phone number to provide the card information over the phone. Needless to say, if the driver does all that, they’ll find out that there never was an unpaid speeding ticket, and that the $ 154 is long gone.

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