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Driver Shortage or Pay Shortage?

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Driver shortage? Pay shortage? Or, maybe gas and oil prices are the cause of the transportation industry’s woes!

Driver shortage or pay shortage? I’m voting pay shortage. You all know the debate: the media constantly reports that the transportation industry is suffering from a driver shortage; we know the truth. There are plenty of drivers, but exactly how does the transportation industry expect us to make a living on low wages? Particularly with the economy in a meltdown and gasoline and oil prices so ridiculously high? There are plenty of drivers; we just can’t afford to drive our trucks!

No Respect!

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ATA Claims Driver Shortage Not Trucking Companies’ Fault


The ATA has just published a paper titled “Truck Driver Shortage Update” written by Bob Costello, Chief Economist and Vice President for the ATA which you can see here. While I’m sure Bob is a very nice person who is doing his best with the information provided to him, anyone who is familiar with the industry will see more than a few anomalies in the report.

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Rest Area Shortage Leads to Paid Reservations


The nation’s highways are crowded, but not nearly as crowded as the nation’s rest areas. Drivers often cannot find safe places to park for the night within their allotted legal driving hours and are then faced with the choice of risking their safety and the safety of their vehicle and cargo, or driving on a few extra miles and risking getting caught in violation of their HOS.

TravelCenters of America which operates TA and Petro Shopping Centers across the country is taking advantage of the drivers’ predicament. If drivers want to guarantee themselves a spot for the night, they must call in and, using a credit card, pay a non-refundable fee of anywhere from $ 7-$ 12.

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Plenty of Freight, but Fleets Worry About Driver Shortage, High Fuel Costs

MIAMI - DECEMBER 22:  A forklift operator work...

Although very few fleets are expecting a shortage of freight to haul, lack of drivers, higher fuel and insurance costs appear to be dampening carriers’ enthusiasm to buy new power units in the near future, according to CK Commercial Vehicle Research’s Q2 2012 Fleet Sentiment Report.

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