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Deadly Carrier Takes Advantage of the System

The FMCSA and is reportedly hard at work trying to crack down on chameleon carriers who resurrect themselves as a new company under a new name after their doors are closed for being an imminent safety hazard. Their program is still under development, so this shady practice is still at large, but before the FMCSA has even had the chance to deal with this threat, another similar situation has turned up that is potentially even more dangerous.

On November 12th, a fatal wreck occurred involving a truck owned by Two Dayes Transport. When the FMCSA went to investigate the carrier, they found something unusual. Two Dayes Transport had exactly the same address, vehicles, employees, and drivers as another company called Two Dayes Trucking. The only difference was that Two Dayes Trucking had been shut down by the FMCSA for disregarding safety regulations… that, and the fact that Two Dayes Transport was never legally allowed to run freight.

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FMCSA Advisory Panel Takes on Driver Training

gaminoandassociates san diego complaince fmcsa logoFederal regulators have been trying for more than 20 years to set training standards for entry-level truck drivers – without success.

Now, under pressure from Congress and the courts, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is trying to reinvigorate the regulatory process by asking its Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee for suggestions on how to get the job done.

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