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Police Ride Shotgun With Truckers To Nab Aggressive Drivers

Truckers and highway patrol officers usually aren’t the best of friends. In a move orchestrated by the Washington State Patrol however, they’re starting to see eye to eye on a few issues. Members of the WSP have been riding along with truckers in an effort to crack down of aggressive drivers. The enforcement program, Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks (TACT), has been raising awareness about the dangers of driving aggressively around commercial motor vehicles.

Dan Coon, public information officer for the state patrol explained how the program works.A trooper sits in the cab with the driver where he can observe dangerous behavior from cars or even other trucks. He then calls it in to another trooper who is shadowing the truck to pull over the offending motorist.

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How to Stay Awake While Driving: 10 Tips from Long Haul Truckers

Trucks lined up at truckstop

Let’s face it; long hauls are boring after about the first 10 or 20 miles! Your tires make that humming sound against the road, which doesn’t exactly add to whatever music you are playing. Most of the scenery on long hauls is the same, especially if you’ve driven the haul before – you’ve seen all there is to see. These two potentially deadly combinations, the “white noise” of the tires and nothing visually exciting to keep your attention (unless you like road kill, and if you do, don’t tell me), contribute to road fatigue, which is what causes the peepers to droop.

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GPS Is Leading Truckers Astray


In the old days, truckers used to plan out their trips ahead of time using a veritable encyclopedia of maps. Nationwide maps, maps of certain regions, even maps that cover only a single –usually convoluted– city. Drivers knew exactly where they were going, and exactly how they were going to get there, because if they didn’t, it meant spending precious hours getting back on track. Nowadays, it’s common for drivers to just plug their destination in to their GPS and just go. Technology has made the pre-trip planning a whole lot faster. But has it made it better?

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Truckers’ 4th Amendment Rights Preserved: CVSA Repeals Out-Of-Service Fatigue Criteria Changes


The Commercial Vehicle Safety Administration’s Out of Service criteriais a document every patrol officer and driver should be intimately familiar with. Of particular note is the section on Fatigue. It currently states “When so fatigued that the driver of a commercial motor vehicle should not continue the trip based on reasonable, articulable suspicion… Declare the driver out-of service until no longer fatigued.”

Until April 1st, that used to read “…based on reasonable doubt.”  This legal hurdle of “beyond a reasonable doubt” is the foundation for our courts in America. That one little phrase is the difference between a free society of the people, for the people, and a police state where no evidence is needed to prove guilt.

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Truckers Guided by GPS Said to Hit N.Y. Bridges 200 Times

Truckers Guided by GPS Said to Hit N.Y. Bridges 200 Times

By Jeff Plungis – Sep 24, 2012 12:17 PM PT

The U.S. should write standards for GPS-connected devices used by truck and bus drivers to stop them from hitting low bridges after driving onto restricted roads, U.S. Senator Charles Schumer said.


Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Traffic on the George Washington Bridge in New York City.

Truckers following faulty directions by global positioning systems devices have hit bridges in New York City, Long Island and Westchester County more than 200 times in the past two years, the New York Democrat said in a letter to Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood yesterday.

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Top Apps for Truckers: Mobile Technology Drives Success

iPhone 4's Retina Display v.s. iPhone 3G

Increased regulation. Demanding customers. Driver shortages. These are just a few reasons why the trucking industry is embracing mobile technology and the affordable fleet management solutions that run on cell phones, smartphones, tablet computers and other handheld devices.


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