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43% of Large Carriers Use EOBRs In All Trucks

San diego dot csa compliance inside truck cabThe debate rages on over the use of Electronic OnBoard Recorders in trucks nationwide. Some drivers don’t mind them, others are vehemently against them, the ATA has voiced their support, and OOIDA stands firmly in opposition.

According to a survey from trucking acquisition firm Transport Capital Partners, in February of 2013, 35% of fleets surveyed said that they use EOBRs or electronic logs in all of their trucks. Compare that to May of 2012 when that was true of only 25%.

It’s worth noting that the survey was conducted about fleets, not individual drivers, so these numbers may not accurately reflect the number of individual trucks with electronic logs. In fact, that number may be even higher.

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Military Town In Georgia Is Latest To Ban Trucks

The economy is very slowly getting back on its feet. Freight tonnage is up and consumer spending is on the rise. The clothes, gadgets, cars, fuel, even the homes they live in only show up if trucks are allowed to deliver them.  But it seems that people have forgotten the old saying: “If you bought it, a truck brought it.” Some people somehow don’t see the necessity of trucks and are just seeing them as a nuisance, so they ban them entirely.

The latest city in the series of communities to issue a ban on trucks is Warner Robins, GA. While their population is only around 69,000, this is not some small community in the middle of nowhere; they’re just outside of Robins Air Force Base, which is the largest industrial complex in the State of Georgia.

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Supreme Court to Hear Challenge of LA Ports’ Clean Trucks Program

American Trucking Associations Gamino and AssociatesThe U.S. Supreme Court will hear the American Trucking Associations’ (ATA) suit against the Port of Los Angeles’ Clean Trucks Program, with a ruling expected by July.

The case has been making its way through the court system ever since the program went into effect more than four years ago. ATA challenged the program, arguing that federal law prohibits the locally run port from making rules that impede interstate commerce.

The Clean Truck Program, set up in 2008, established criteria for providers of drayage services at the Port, including a requirement to commit to using only employee drivers, rather than the independent contractors typically working the ports, by 2013 in a phased-in schedule. The plan would allow the port to hold those companies accountable for maintaining trucks and employing properly credentialed drivers.

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GAO Suggests Mileage Fees for Trucks

GAO LOGO Gamino and Associates DOT Compliance San Diego

Congress might want to consider a mileage fee for trucks and electric vehicles when it looks for ways to strengthen highway funding, says the Government Accountability Office.

GAO said that while privacy concerns and other issues limit the usefulness of such fees for automobiles, Congress should consider a pilot program to test them for trucks and electric cars.

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Driver Braves Flames To Save Trucks From Inferno

Lots of drivers feel undervalued at their companies, but here’s a guy who’s sure to get a nice bonus at the end of the year. You may be a safe driver, but would you risk your life by jumping into a burning vehicle to save it and other trucks parked in a company lot? Well that’s exactly what Lance Corbett did.

According to authorities, a truck belonging to Joel Olson Trucking, Inc burst into flames at their Longview, WA location. It was sitting in the yard next to a long line of other parked trucks. The fire immediately spread to the truck next to it. That’s when Corbett jumped into the drivers’ seat of the second truck and pulled it forward so that the fire wouldn’t spread to the other trucks nearby.

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Freightliner Trucks Launches Online Drivers’ Resource Center

English: Bonnet badge

Freightliner Trucks has opened a new online community for drivers, owner-operators and fleet managers offering a wealth of industry resources in a single location.

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Indiana Police Targeting ‘Hot Trucks’

Indiana State PoliceIndiana State Police have stepped up enforcement of what are being called “hot trucks” — refrigerated trucks found to be delivering food that’s not being kept at the proper temperature.

On July 1, a new state law went into effect that gave the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division of the Indiana State Police the authority to stop suspected “hot” trucks,

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DOT: Trucks Hauling Sand, Water for Fracking Not Exempt from HOS Rules

Detail of Tower for drilling horizontally into...

Truck drivers hauling water and sand to U.S. oil and natural gas shale drilling sites don’t qualify for a special oil-field service equipment exemption to extend their daily driving hours.

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Taxing Natural Gas Trucks Will Pose a Challenge

American Trucking Associations

As interstate trucking operations have been expressing increasing interest in using liquefied natural gas in their trucks, the American Trucking Associations’ state law experts say widespread adoption of LNG will pose a large challenge to fuel tax administrators.

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