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West Virginia Residents May Have To Pass A Drug Test For Drivers License

As part of a larger bill that takes drug testing for state welfare and unemployment to a new even more stringent level, West Virginia news station WSAZ (Channel 3) reports that proposed drug testing for drivers licenses would begin with a prospective driver’s first attempt at gaining a license. 
Additional information revealed by WSAZ discusses that drivers would have to pass a drug test three times before being able to obtain their West Virginia drivers license—once to get a learner’s permit, once for the intermediate West Virginia driver’s license, and finally, pass one more drug test to obtain a full license with all driver benefits.
“I think it’s crazy, way too far. No one wants to pee in a cup three times for the government. Even people who drive professionally with Class A licenses aren’t under that kind of pressure. It’s like these representatives want a police state,” says Suzanna Miller, a West Virginia native.
While some argue it will deter drug use within the state of West Virginia, others disagree. “These politicians say they want smaller government, then they want to have us taxpayers foot the bill for three drug tests per driver in the state? That’s not smaller government and it’s a lot closer to the communism they claim Obama is part of,” states a local West Virginian and business owner, Markus Powell.
In April of 2012 West Virginia passed a measure that mandates drug testing for those who partake in job and training programs funded by the government, but according to commentators on the original story posted in Charleston, West Virginia, most state residents find this measure acceptable.
“It’s not that we oppose having to pass a drug test for anything, it’s that we oppose having to pass a drug test for everything,” says marijuana legislation topic blogger, Dave Dawkins, adding, “People want to feel free, and they won’t feel really very free if they have to pass a urine test three times for a driver’s license. I doubt this measure will pass in West Virginia, but that won’t keep them from trying and using this as a platform to make drug testing for welfare seem totally status quo.”

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